Feed the Lambs Event

Local families visited us at Elms Farm to feed our lambs


Lately, we have been looking at different ways to create stronger bonds with our local community and our first 'feed the lamb' event has been a huge success. We loved meeting the children and their families, we talked about what we do at the farm and how we look after our animals. We started with a walk to look at the sunflowers and pumpkin patches, all the children had visited us last year and wanted to tell us what they did with their pumpkins!

We also walked past the new maize maze and took a few guesses at what the maze design could be... One child said it could be a 'really cool tractor', and another said it looked like it could be a 'giant cow eating grass'! Oscar will share the design on his social media soon so make sure you follow him on Facebook or Instagram (Here)! 

Jenny had regrouped some of the lambs under the lambing shed, in preparation for the children's visit. The families helped us feed the lambs with the bottles Jenny had prepare for them. It was for the last time we bottle fed our lambs, they are now enjoying the sunshine and the grass in our land. It was lovely to watch the children, as young as four years old, taking such a great care to feed the lambs. We all had a good laugh when one of our hungry lamb covered himself with milk after drinking too fast! 

Thank you to Paige, Olivia, Jamie, Ana, Chris, Sophia, Lucas, Jan, Rob, Mateo and Rosalie for visiting us at the farm. 


We then went on to visit other parts of the farm and introduced the children to our two new calves, which they named Candy Floss And Bluebell! The children got really excited when they discovered we also have horses and we spend some times talking about Molly's competitions and eventing. Some parents enjoy petting the horses, others enjoyed them from a distance! Olivia, eight years old, told us she wanted to have her own horse when she grows up, and would keep them here at Elms Farm. It sounds like a plan!  


Chris joined us and showed us his talents as a sheep whisperer! It was brilliant for the children, they loved watching the sheep running toward Chris when he called them. We all had such a great day, we are looking forward to welcome more families to our farm. We have been in touch with local schools to bring the children over for a day out at the farm. 

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