• Meats in the fridge for sale

Since being self-sufficient in our own meat for the past 7 years and sold to family and friends, we have realised the benefits of eating meat which has been naturally reared, travelled as few miles as possible and is hung and butchered in a traditional manner. We are striving to offer these benefits to our customers and want them to experience what meat tastes like. All our meat has no added water or chemicals to enhance its shelf life.

Elms Farm butchery is now open here at the farm on Fridays 10am – 5pm and Saturdays 9am – 4pm. Please contact us on 07825883065, outside of these hours to place orders or if you have any queries.

Butchery Services

We are proud to offer a butchery service for any farmers or small holders who want their product to be taken to one of the abbatoirs we use, then hung and butchered in our new cold room and processing unit.

Please email us your requirements for a competitive quote: phil@elmsfarmcostock.co.uk