Over the years many people have learnt the skill of clay shooting here and since Chris’s return in 2003, he has rekindled this tradition under the banner of Elms Farm Clay Shoot.

If you’re fed up with queing at clay grounds, why not try our caddied 'quick 50' rounds. We take groups of up to 8 guns around the stands and offer a 50 bird sporting layout over 6 stands. For those wanting a bit more, this can be followed by either a 1 or 2 man flurry of 25 to 100 birds.

Chris can give instruction on your way round the stands (this incurs an additional cost).

Prices and Times

£12 per 50 birds.

We are open from March to July on most Fridays and Saturdays from 10-3pm. Pre booking is essential and times will be allocated the day before the shoot, anyone wanting specific times need to let us know at time of booking. Please go to our events page to see our list of dates.

We are strictly fibre wad only. Anyone using any other cartridges will be asked to leave the ground.


Breakfast, elevensies or lunch can be provided for your team of guns - please give us at least 24 hours notice. Our food is from our shop or sourced locally  and prepared on site, the perfect complement to your round.