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Pigs had not been on Elms Farm since the late 1970s due to the collapse of the pig industry, causing a monumental blow to Chris’ Grandfather and father. It was a pleasure when our son, Oscar reintroduced pigs to Elms Farm in 2012.

We source pigs for their meat quality and are specialising in rare breeds. We look to provide both traditional breeds and also those with a leaner carcass to accommodate everyone’s preference.

Our large black pigs are amongst the rarest in the country. They produce fantastic pork and are great if you enjoy traditional pork with a good layer of back fat. We also have Tamworths, Gloucestershire Old Spots and a couple of Landrace pigs. All the different breeds have fantastic temperaments which makes rearing them much more fun.

Pigs are reared outside on a predominantly fruit and veg diet, enabling slow growth and sweet flavour to come out in the meat. The pigs will be an integral part of the field rotations and the sustainability at Elms Farm.

Phil joined us in 2017, he has a true passion for the pigs as his Instagram page – “one man and his pig” testifies to. He was a finalist for the “Young Pig Stockman of the Year” in 2016.