• Free Range Packington Chicken by Elms Farm Costock
  • Free Range Packington Chicken by Elms Farm Costock
  • Free Range Packington Chicken by Elms Farm Costock
  • Free Range Packington Chicken by Elms Farm Costock
  • Free Range Packington Chicken by Elms Farm Costock

Our Packington Free Range Chicken collection,

We have no doubts that you will fall in love with Alec and Robert, the fourth generation of farmers keeping this family-run business alive since 1930. Their ethos combines three important values for sustainable and ethical farming : PASSION, RESPECT & EXCELLENCE.

When buying your chicken from us, you are promoting local farmers that are passionated by their work and are dedicated to produce the highest quality of meat available in the area. We might as well warn you, once you try their Free Range Chicken there is no turning back! 

Our Free Range Chicken collection: 

  • Whole Chicken (Up to 2.5KG) 
  • Breasts
  • Thighs / Drumsticks 
  • Fillets 
  • Legs

Why we choose Alec and Robert, 

We always choose producers that shares our values and are commited to the welfare of their animals as well as promoting sustainable farming. We love to work with farmers that are just as passionate about their livestock as we are. When there is passion, there is pride and highest standards of quality. 

At Elms Farm, we believe in supporting British farmers and offering the best meat available to our customers. Our Packington Free Range chicken have enjoyed a peaceful outdoor life and have had time to grow at their own pace. 

A word from Alec & Robert's :

We believe our family run, farming business has prospered over the last 80 years as a direct result of the three watchwords that stand as pillars of our operation and that help set us apart. It’s our relentless drive for passion, respect and excellence that has allowed us and the generations before us to grow and flourish into the business we are today.


We are passionate about provenance, and sustainable and ethical farming. These values drive our work to create an environmentally sound and welfare-orientated farm.


Our respect extends beyond our livestock to our land. We’ve partnered with Natural England to drive many environmental schemes on our farms. Our fields have grass margins around them, to protect hedgerows and encourage a safe environment for ecosystems to flourish. Many of our field corners are planted with wild bird seed mixes, or pollen and nectar mixes, to supply insects and farmland birds with vital food sources.


Packington pigs and chickens are given large green and lush pastures to roam and time to mature. This is not only best for the animals’ welfare, it also results in first class meat. A fact recognised not only by our customers and numerous industry awards but also by celebrity chefs. ‘The Hairy Bikers’ acknowledged our caring ethos and described Packington Free Range chickens as “some of the happiest in Britain!”

Our outdoor reared pigs are RSPCA Freedom Food accredited and Packington Free Range have been awarded a Good Chicken and Good Pig Award from Compassion in World Farming.

(Source : www.packingtonfreerange.co.uk) 

Know your producers, know your meat.