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Our specials this week

From the 30/03/2022. 


We love the rain at Elms Farm: It's great getting things growing at this time of year, especially our grass paddocks. We just hope it does not turn too cold this week - and it usually means we will come back home at dinner time for a great stew or slow-cooked meal! 

On Offer this Week : 

The weather has turned once again, and as we all get ready for a chillier rainy week, we have some great Lamb Shanks and Beef Brisket on offer this week to keep you warm. Both these cuts are ideal for slow cooking for that really tasty meal that makes the whole house smell incredible, and makes your neighbours jealous! 

You can pop them in the slow cooker in the morning  'Et voilà!' when you come home later in the day your dinner will be nearly ready.

  • Lamb Shanks | 10% Off | Full price is £10.58
    • Add a pack of Gordon Rhodes 'Slow and Steamy Moroccan Style Tagine Recipe Sauce Mix' | £2.39


  • Beef Brisket | £2 Off | Sale price is £7.75 
    • Add a pack of Gordon Rhodes 'Sticky Brisket Beef' Sauce Mix | £2.39 


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