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Our Free Range and Traditional Turkey collection, from our local producers in Barkby. 

Our delicious turkeys are reared by the Kirks family from Barkby, Leicestershire. They are a family-run business who have been farming for four generations and have produced free range and traditional turkeys for more than 60 years.

The chicks arrive at the farm when they are one day old, and are cared for by the whole family until they reach maturity at 22 weeks. The free range turkeys enjoy a great outdoor lifestyle in the countryside and a warm and comfy spacious barn at night to keep safe from the foxes.

Barbky Turkey Range: 

  • Free Range Whole Turkey
  • Free Range Turkey Crown 
  • Free Range Turkey Butterfly (Classic or Stuffed) 

Other Turkey Range: 

  • Traditional Whole Turkey 
  • Traditional Turkey Crown 
  • Rolled Turkey Breast 



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Cockerel, Chicken and Pork

Our Free Range Cockerel, Chicken and Pork collection comes from the Mercer family in Packington, Staffordshire. The family has been farming for over 80 years and are now the fourth generation to continue to make the family-run business prosper, passing down knowledge from father to son. Their ethos consists of three words: Passion, Respect and Excellence. 

Packington Range: 

  • Packington Free Range Chicken 
  • Packington Free Range Cockerel 
  • Packington Free Range Pork Leg 
  • Packington Free Range Pork Loin Boneless
  • Packington Free Range Pork Shoulder
  • Packington Free Range Pork Porchetta 

Other Pork Range: 

  • Back Bacon, Smoked
  • Back Bacon, Unsmoked 
  • Gammon, Smoked
  • Gammon, Unsmoked
  • Streaky Dry Cured, Smoked
  • Streaky Dry Cured, Unsmoked
  • Cooked Ham - Joint, Smoked
  • Cooked Ham - Joint, Unsmoked


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Beef and Lamb 


We will supply our own Elms Farm grass-reared beef and lamb this Christmas, as well as local and British producers to meet the supply demand. Our Cattle and Sheep enjoy a great outdoor life, eating our lush grass, here at Elms Farm Costock, and are given all the time they need to grow and mature at their own pace. We are a sustainable farm and are doing are best to reduce our carbon footprint by protecting the wildlife on our land and prioritising local and British producers in our three butchers shops. 

Our Range: 

  • Grass-reared Beef Rib on the bone
  • Grass-reared Roasting Beef 
  • Grass-reared Beef Sirloin Rolled Joint
  • Grass-reared Beef Fillet Steak 
  • Grass-reared Boneless Leg of Lamb
  • Grass-reared Boneless Lamb Shoulder
  • Grass-reared Lamb Rack


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Goose & Duck 

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The Botterill family have been tending the farm for over 70 years and the village of Croxton Kerrial has now become locall famous for the picturesque sight of flocks of geese being herded through the streets. The 1500 geese are grass-reared in the green fields surrounding the village using traditional farming methods. The birds are fed on a cereal based diet produced locally and on the farm. 

Free Range Goose

Gressingham Duck

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