It's quite staggering how quickly a week goes past, so here we are again. The weather has thankfully turned more seasonal and the rain is most welcome and will hopefully start to replenish the lake.

Ploughing is now finished, happy days all round, and the parrow harrow and drill will shortly be going on. The new grass is looking fantastic and should yield well to replenish very dwindling stock.

We had a Murray Grey killed ready for the shop, I had not seen one for at least 20 years, it killed out very well and looks fantastic! 

We also started lambing the Shropshire this week and have had to help all of them so far. The lambs are good and strong. A couple of our loyal customers put our name forward to GEM 106 radio as a go to destination so we had a visit from Jo and Sparky, the radio show's presenters, along with their producer Paul. They all popped along to see us and made some sausages and very kindly promoted us on Gem Radio whilst doing it, infamy infamy they have all got it in for me. 

Sad news this week in that we had a visit from the hare coursing people who very kindly prompted the ewes to have abortions, thanks very much for nothing. The police were quite helpful and gave us a crime number and reported it is criminal damage. Just what we needed at this busy time of year. 

We have TB testing to look forward to next week and if the wind drops we should also be able to get the sheets on the new butchery. Can't stop for long, too much to do. Will be abck next week with more News on the Farm!