One Small Path for Man, One Giant Maze for Kids ! 

Our new 2023 maize maze is bigger, better, and more exciting than ever before, promising an unforgettable experience for the whole family. 

What's new ? 

We've been listening closely to your feedback, and we're thrilled to announce an exciting addition to our lineup this year. Get ready to unleash your imagination as we introduce our a-maze-ing (see what we did here ?) new sticker activity designed especially for our little ones who haven't quite mastered reading yet. But here's the best part - we're willing to bet that even the "grown-up kids" will be absolutely enchanted by it! It's a super fun, witty, and one-of-a-kind experience that guarantees smiles for the whole family.

We're shaking things up this year, so if you thought you had it all figured out, get ready to be surprised! Oscar has been working hard to create a new maze experience that will blow you away!

Want to know what it looks like ? 
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So, come on over and get ready for a truly memorable adventure filled with laughter, creativity, and stickers !

Pick Your Own Sunflowers & Wildflowers ! 

Not a fan of mazes? No worries at all! We've got something special just for you. Take a stroll through our delightful sunflowers and wildflowers field, where you can pick your own colorful blooms. It's a fun and relaxing activity that lets you create beautiful bouquets to bring home and enjoy!

And guess what? Right nearby, we have an amazing award-winning Butchers and Farm shop. Prepare to be amazed by the incredible selection of high-quality products available. From fresh produce to mouthwatering meats, you'll find everything you need for a delicious meal or a tasty treat.

Whether you're exploring the sunny field or browsing the fabulous offerings at our Butchers and Farm shop, it's all about enjoying a day of simple pleasures and delightful discoveries. Join us for a wonderful time filled with nature's beauty and flavorsome finds!


 Enjoy the highlights of our Summer Maze: 

  • Sticker Collecting:
    • Little ones will have a blast collecting stickers along the way, adding an extra element of fun and accomplishment to their maze journey.
  •  Convenient Parking:
    • We offer free parking on premises, so you can focus on having a great time without any parking woes.
  • No Booking Required:
    • Simply pay on arrival with cash or card, making it hassle-free to dive right into the maze excitement.
  • Refreshments & Snacks:
    • Recharge and refuel with a variety of delicious refreshments and snacks available, ensuring you stay energized throughout the adventure.
  • Maze Duration:
    • On average, it takes around 45 minutes to complete the maze, providing an engaging challenge for everyone.
  • Family-Friendly Environment:
    • Our maze is designed to be enjoyed by the whole family, with a focus on creating a safe and welcoming atmosphere.
  • Fun Play Area: 
    • Take a moment to unwind amidst our beautiful sunflowers and wildflowers field while the kids have a blast on our hay tower.
  • Funfair Rides:
    • Delight in additional thrills with our funfair rides (opening times may vary), adding an extra dose of excitement to your visit.
  • Spooky By-Night Maze Events:
    • Stay tuned by subscribing to our newsletter for spine-tingling adventures and mysterious surprises!



Come and experience the ultimate summer maze adventure with us, you might get lost, but you won't regret it ! 

See you soon at our Summer Maze & on our Pick Your Own Sunflowers field !