Support your local producers this Christmas. 

We will be offering a full range of Christmas meats through our Elms Farm shops this Christmas supporting local producers as well as other farmers to offer a large choice to our customers and suit all budgets.

When shopping with us you are promoting the welfare of animals and supporting sustainable farming. Wherever possible, we always give priority to local and non-intensive farms.


Meet our producers for the festive season. 

We buy our Free range turkeys and Traditional turkeys from a family run farm based in Barkby, Leicestershire, who specialise in producing high-quality turkeys. Your Christmas turkey will have been reared less than 30 miles, for at least 22 weeks, which means they are twice the age of fast growing commercial turkeys when they reach full maturity.

Our geese come from the Botterill family in Croxton Kerrial, a village well known for the picturesque sight of flocks of geese being herded through the streets (see picture below).

We rear our native breeds of cattle here, at Elms Farm. Our cattle enjoy great outdoors living and are entirely grass-reared and finished. We choose not feed them with grain, instead we allow them to grow at their own pace. We do also supply a range of British sourced beef from farms that shares our high welfare standards to suit all budgets.

Our Free Range pork, chicken and cockerels come from a local supplier- Packington Free Range. We cure our own bacon and gammons. Our sausages are handmade by our butchers with a variety of flavours using Packington Free Range Pork.


Download our Christmas leaflet

If you want to have all the information about this Christmas season at Elms Farm, please click on the link below to download our PDF document. 




Elms Farm opening hours for Christmas : 

Please find below our seasonal opening hours for Christmas and the New Year festive season. 

Our team of Butchers, from left to right : Tony, Simon, Phil, Paul and Oli. 


Please pre-order before the 6th of December.

Collection for Christmas starts on the 20th of December.


Monday the 20th : 9am - 1pm

Tuesday the 21rd : 8am - 5pm

Wednesday the 22nd : 8am - 5pm

Thursday the 23rd : 7am - 6pm

Friday the 24th : 7:00am to 12pm

Thursday the 30th : 8am - 5pm

Friday the 31st : 7am - 12pm

Wednesday the 5th of January, open as usual.


How much do I need? 

Guidelines for Turkey and Cockerel weight: 

3.6kg (8lbs) = Up to 6 people

4.5kg (10lb) = Up to 8 people

5.4-6.3kg (12-14lb) = Up to 12 people

7.2kg (16lb) = Up to 14 people

8.1kg (18lb) = Up to 16 people

9.0kg (20lb) = Up to 18 people

10.0kg (22lb) = Over 20 people


Guidelines for Turkey Crown weight:

2-3kg (6-7lbs) = Up to 8

3-4kg (7-9lb) = 9 to 12

4-5kg (9-11lb) = 13 to 15

5kg+ (11lb+) = Over 16

Our turkeys are supplied oven ready with giblets and in a clear polythene bag. For added luxury, our Free Range turkeys and crowns are supplied in a box. Please note that the final weight of your turkey will depend on stock availability and might vary from what you've ordered.


Our poultry collection prices range: 

  • Free Range Whole Turkey = £12.00 per kg
  • Free Range Turkey Crown = £20.55 per kg
  • Traditional Turkey = £9.83 per kg
  • Traditional Turkey Crown = £17.48 per kg
  • Rolled Turkey Breast* = £13.99 per kg
  • Packington Free Range Cockerel = £10.64 per kg
  • Free Range Goose = £14.98 per kg
  • Gressingham Duck = TBC
  • Free Range Whole Chicken = £7.49 per kg